Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Business

Shape your future and move your business forward with confidence.
The prominence of women in business and entrepreneurship has dramatically increased since the 1980’s, but there’s still work to be done to even the gap.

Encouraging women entrepreneurs is vital for economic growth as their participation has a direct bearing on improving the standard of living, helps in job creation and allows them more social independence that bring about better outcomes at the community level.
Challenges women face.
Limited Funding – Women’s businesses are among the leading ventures that lack financial support
Balancing Responsibilities – A large number of women are not just entrepreneurs or career people—they have families, spouses, and other responsibilities
Gender inequality – Women are better educated and more active in the work place than ever, and are increasingly working in managerial roles. Yet despite these gains, their representation in top positions in business still lags behind that of men.

The Importance of Positive Mental Health for Women Warriors

Mental resilience as a strategy for struggling against challenges particularly through the global pandemic for Women Warriors.
Stressors, such as lack of work or work overload, role conflicts, lack of self-care, poor job or personal relationships, feeling powerless, and inadequate emotional support, can be negative, and very stressful.

Situations or episodes of these types can also cause both physical and mental problems, such as fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, unhappiness, depressive sensation, depersonalisation, and emotional exhaustion.
Despite all of these challenges, resilience enables us to cope with our work/home environment and to maintain healthy and stable psychological functioning.
The aim of this event is to provide coping mechanisms, explain characteristics with which it is related and outline interventions to increase the resilience of Women Warriors

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Mon 19th April 2021

Power of Resilience Among Women at the Top!

What do Bumble, YouTube and Heineken have in common? They’re all led by some of this generation’s most talented female CEOs.
Globally the Share of Women in Senior Management is Increasing Incrementally, so what makes women CEOS different? Their ranks are still far below what they should be, and change continues to come slowly.
Majority of Women CEOS in major companies said they were motivated by a sense of purpose and their belief that their company could have a positive impact on the community, employees, and the world around them, creating positive cultures.
Being on top of new developments will get you noticed and make it easier to advocate for yourself. Our Women Warriors highlight Women at the Top

Female Leadership vs Male Leadership

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Who makes a better leader?
A male leader is seen as decisive and powerful, with a strong, authoritarian style.
The ‘feminine’ leadership style wants others to be involved and take ownership of the goal so that everyone contributes.
Society generally associates successful leadership with stereotypically ‘masculine’ traits such as assertiveness and dominance, As a result women experience greater challenges to become female leaders There is a rise of transformational leadership and its emphasis on traditionally ‘feminine’ traits like empathy, collaboration and emotional intelligence, could the expectations of female leaders be shifting?
There is no conclusive evidence that women are better leaders or for that matter that men are better leaders a person’s leadership abilities should depend on their individual strengths and personality traits