Sandy Donnelly

“Connectional Intelligence its about getting ahead and delivering results by harnessing the power of your relationship”

Professional Entrepreneur and Executive Women in Business. Meeting the right people is more important than ever to achieve goals UK, Monaco, Jersey, UAE, Europe, India

Sandy Donnelly

Founder of Women Warriors Network

Sandy Donnelly a passionate advocate for health and wellbeing as well as female empowerment

WWN was brought together during the midst of the pandemic when my health retreats were put on hold, I realised there were many women out there looking for a platform to connect, contribute and develop relationships with a diverse array of women and men, inclusive of all cultures.

It is about taking your destiny in your hands making you extraordinary and unique.

Men, yes we love men and we need and want men around, but this platform is for women to shine, share their wisdom and knowledge so we can learn from each other.

WWN Bespoke Events

WWN host events tailored for you.

  • Target the people who matter the most!
  • We find your speakers, senior executives and decision makers.
  • An audience for you. 
  • Generate leads 
  • Build Brand awareness