The Importance of Positive Mental Health for Women Warriors

Mental resilience as a strategy for struggling against challenges particularly through the global pandemic for Women Warriors.
Stressors, such as lack of work or work overload, role conflicts, lack of self-care, poor job or personal relationships, feeling powerless, and inadequate emotional support, can be negative, and very stressful.

Situations or episodes of these types can also cause both physical and mental problems, such as fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, unhappiness, depressive sensation, depersonalisation, and emotional exhaustion.
Despite all of these challenges, resilience enables us to cope with our work/home environment and to maintain healthy and stable psychological functioning.
The aim of this event is to provide coping mechanisms, explain characteristics with which it is related and outline interventions to increase the resilience of Women Warriors

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Mon 19th April 2021

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Founder of Women Warriors Network and DBC Health Retreats. Positive Leadership Coach. CEO Golf Palace Retreats Saudi Arabia

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